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Contemplating the Cross

The cross! A symbol of torture and of salvation! We have become used to seeing it in our Church, adorning the outside of churches and around our necks! Have you noticed cross tattoos?

Do we give it much thought other than on Easter? Remember that every Sunday is a celebration of Easter! Remember that our Savior, Jesus, once hung on a cross! The empty cross seems so neat and clean. No signs of death! Only of life!

We have a lot to think about mostly staying at home! There are children to entertain, maybe projects long put off! Maybe a book to finally open or a walk around the park!

Ah, the cross! Now may be a good time to think more about the cross!

How about making a cross? Certainly there are supplies around the house! Maybe some craft items! Markers, paint, cardboard, shells, scrap book paper, material, pictures from magazines, tissue paper – no limit but your imagination! Large, small or in-between! Family made, child made or individual project!

Wouldn’t it be so festive if when we are able to come together again, we bring with us a personally made and decorated cross? The Church, foyer and hall could be lined with personalized crosses of all kinds, shapes and sizes!

We hope you will participate and start on your cross now!  

Contact Peggy for more information (410) 647-0376

If you would like to make a video of this project it can be uploaded to our Sunday School FB page

Contact Colleen for more information (615) 429-3263
Contemplating The Cross
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